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Life is short, enjoy it while you can! Just because it’s a boudoir/dudoir shoot doesn’t mean nudity at all! I do NOT photography full nudes! I just can’t bring myself to edit private parts…LOL

Boudoir photo sessions are about making women feel sexy and beautiful, for men handsome and masculine, so it would make sense that every woman/man needs to experience this at least once.

Boudoir is especially popular amongst military families where the husband/wife is deployed overseas for long periods of time. Women/men will jump at the chance to do something like this for their spouse even if not in the military. Dudoir is especially popular amongst men that love to have fun! Men love to give these to spouse/partner or keep for their self.

Boudoir sessions are also a great way to celebrate milestones in your life such a weight loss, engagement, marriage and even pregnancy. Pregnancy boudoir shoots are catching on more and more to help expectant mothers feel beautiful in their skin. So many pregnant women feel less attractive when they are pregnant but after a boudoir session they are reminded that they are sexy and beautiful and their pregnant bodies are not something to be ashamed of, but rather embraced and appreciated because it’s over in a blink of an eye.

Boudoir session are also a great idea for reminding mothers and hardworking women that they are more than just business women and mothers, they are beautiful women with curves and sex appeal.

Photo shoots, boudoir, dudoir sessions are not just for models, they are women/men wanting to feel empowered, sexy, glamorous, beautiful, handsome, masculine and confident and that is why every woman/man needs to book a session at least once in her/his life.

We need to nurture ourselves and there is nothing better than getting your hair and makeup done and have these memories at the end of the day forever!!!

The images I show have been shown with permission and that I'd never show anything without permission. I give people the option in your contract for full privacy.

2 Days Before Boudoir/Dudoir Session...

This is the time for personal grooming.

Here's a list of things to consider:

• Waxing

• NO spray tanning! You don’t want to look orange!

• Eyebrow shaping

• Root touch up on hair color if needed

• Manicure/Pedicure (show your nail artist photos of your outfits)

• Start drinking a ton of water with lemon juice to get rid of bloat

• Make sure you have all your outfits, shoes, and accessories; do any last-minute shopping

The Day of Your Boudoir/Dudoir Session…

Here's a checklist of what to do right before your boudoir session:

• Shave unwanted body hair (ear & nose hair as well)

• Exfoliate and moisturize face and body

• Wash and dry hair, no product other than leave-in conditioner

• Wear loose-fitting clothes and avoid anything that can leave lines like tight socks

• Pack your wardrobe; plan on bringing more outfits, shoes, and accessories than you'll need

• Be on time ~ If you're late that comes out of your time and that means less photographs for the same amount of money.

What to Expect After Your Boudoir/Dudoir Session…

The day of your boudoir session, I let you glance at the back of my camera to see the outcome of your beauty! (It's great for your confidence!) Up to two weeks after your session, I will upload photographs and give you a secured password to view and choose the number of photographs allowed for your package.

Client - Q&A…

Q: Who will be photographing me? A: Only I, Beth will photograph you! Privacy and modesty are very important to me, and I like to give that to my clients. Also, there are no men on set, EVER (Unless in a shoot of his own). I even use female makeup artists and hair stylists for women.

Q: I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m SUPER nervous! How could these photos possibly turn out so well? A: I’ve been told by all my boudoir clients that even though they were so nervous when they started, they became very comfortable once the shoot got rolling. If you need your own music playlist, to relax you got it!

Q: Do I really have to wear lingerie, or do I have to pose topless or nude? A: NO. You can wear as much or as little as you like but I don’t do nude. A woman doesn’t have to be undressed to be sexy. I do a very wide range of boudoir styles. Great alternatives for shy clients are: slinky cocktail dress, vintage apron, your man’s favorite jersey or button-up shirt, booty shorts, and many other modest, sexy outfits.

Q: I’m a curvy, plus-size girl. Where can I find sexy lingerie? A: Favorite place for gorgeous, sexy lingerie is

Q: Who will see my photos? A: I do! IF you don’t want any photos online for the public to see, that’s totally up to you.

Q: Many clients say, "I don't know how to pose... Will you guide me?" A: Yes! It's your photographer's job to pose you so you look your best. Your job is to have fun!

Q: Do you do Dudoir, photos of men? A: Yes! Again, NO nudity! A: Do you have props and wardrobe I can use? The props I use are brought by my clients, such as favorite books, hats, IPad, lumberjack, welder hat, etc. I don’t have wardrobe, but I will help you pick out your outfits, which is the super fun part!

Q: Do you have a studio? A: No! Not yet! I have the session at client home, hotel/motel, woodsy areas, abandoned buildings, and other outdoor locations because the images turn out very unique.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept? A: Cash, paypal (add 3% surcharge) and all major credit cards.

Q: Do you do payment plans? A: Yes, I do. Your package must be paid off before your shoot.

Q: These are a gift. How fast can I get the digital images? A: My suggestion is that we do the shoot at least six weeks before your gift-giving date. The photo lab you pick can take a few weeks or longer.

Q: What would you say to someone who is considering a boudoir/dudoir shoot? A: Absolutely, do it! There’s no nudity, it’s like having on a bathing suit.

Q: How did you feel about having me as your photographer? A: Amazing, truly! You brought such a comfortable and exciting session. It helped me to get rid of my nerves and just live in the moment.

Q: Do you edit the photos? A: YES! On average a photo shoot will have hours of editing after. This means lighting adjustments, (stretch marks, scars, IF you want removed), as well as beauty edits. I will bring out your supermodel self!

Q: How do you feel while looking through your photos? A: EXCITED! It was a fun experience. To see yourself in pictures taken professionally and having that feeling of “WOW, that’s me”. You can’t beat that feeling.

Q: What do you plan to do with your photos? A: Enjoy them for myself and remind myself how good I felt that day.

Q: My spouse who’d also would like to do a shoot. Can we do a session together? A: Yes, of course. Make sure you pick the package with an additional person.

Q: Do you feel that hiring a professional makeup artist was worth the money? A: Absolutely, I think hair and makeup done professionally makes such a difference. They know exactly how you should look for pictures. Unless you're the kind of glam girl, and can do it yourself!

Q: Can I bring a friend? A: I would rather not, but of course, you can! I know you may be a little nervous and want to have a friend there by your side to make you smile or share an inside joke with. I have no problem at all with you bringing a friend or someone you are comfortable with. My shoots have a light and fun atmosphere, not to mention we are super friendly. Only one person and NO video nor taking photos will be allow.

Q: Do you provide Champagne or alcohol to calm my nerves? A: No, I don’t! But have fun, and relax. There is no pressure and photo shoots tend to go very easily.

Contact: Beth Fountain Email:

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